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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

During the holidays, I purchased the Biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. i had my doubts about the book. Why read it, I thought to myself.  I had a pretty good understanding of Steve Jobs history. I have always had a fascination with the guy and followed his thoughts and what other people said about it him. So what was the point. The book could not have been more eye opening.

Throughout the book, Isaacson made it clear that while it is all about Jobs, Jobs had no say in the content of the book. This was a bit surprising to me as Jobs has always wanted to be in control and lead a private life. The biography is literately putting Jobs life and history out there.

While Isaacson was mindful not to take sides and trash or bash anyone or Jobs, he artfully words the life and rise to power of Jobs. Starting with the beginning of his life being an adapted child, raised by a loving family and growing into the man everyone became obsessed and scared of.

I have always known that Jobs was a tough nut. By the way he closely guarded his personal life, fought tooth and nail for perfection in his work and of his employes. Despite his roughness towards the world, when thinking and analyzing his method of leadership, it makes sense. While brutally honest, he demanded the best from his staff by embracing or rejecting their ideas. Those rejected went back and made it stronger and more towards Job’s vision. Rather than hand holding them, he forced them to think out side of the box and make something great.

It is a shame that this bluntness followed him in his personal life with his family and children… to a point. The book did show a softer and more understanding personal side of Jobs. That was only in his later years when dealing with his cancer and illnesses.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and had a hard time putting it down. I enjoyed the look into his personal life as all we ever really saw was the brash and aggressive work side of Jobs. I recommend the book to anyone that has an interest not just in Steve Jobs, but the brands he created and developed, Apple, Next and Pixar. It’s an artful walk through the development of those companies and how a man so eager to achieve perfection made companies that will stand on their own well past him.