CV of Justin Lang

Tattooing Lego Figures

I love everything Lego! They are such a great toy, you can build from the “blueprints” or like my brothers and I did when we were younger, build all kinds of crazy stuff.  Something that I seem to remember is coloring some of our Lego figures for “military operations” and stuff.  But this takes the cake, tattooing a figure with an Pilot Extra-Fine pen?! I think I would go blind and crazy try to achieve this kind of detail on something so small!

Check out some of the other tattooed Lego fixtures on uFunk.

Lego in a Different Sort of Use

I love lego.  There is just something so about the toy that I grew up with my whole life.  Lego truly make you think and express your building creativity.  Here is a look at lego in a totally different sort of use that I love!

The Anatomy of a Lego Mini Figure

Another wonderful stumble upon find!

New Photo Series: Lego Justin


Starting a new phot series here on ChimpWalk called, Lego Justin. While I am not totally excited about “my” current outfit, I just haven’t had time to get to my REAL lego collection to find the right “cloths”.  So I am kicking off the series with a phot from the Honeymoon, Lego Justin Swimming in Fries.  This was taken only after being on the island for a few days.  The resturant, Cool Cats Cafe in Lahina on the west side of Maui.  Good Greasy food, reminds me of Five Guys!

Lego House On A Hill


Another great flickr find via one of the many Lego creator groups on

The Perfect Marriage

You are witnessing the marriage of two of my favorite things once again, Apple and Lego’s.  This photo is from an event the the Texas LUG was invited to “present” at.  The image comes from the wonderful world of Flickr.

I ask you, how did the legomites live with out an Apple store befor this????

2,588 Lego Bricks – Perfect Marriage!

You are looking at 2,588 lego bricks that make up one the of the most perfect lego designs EVER!

Gizmodo had a contest to come up with a new case for a mac that has to be made out of lego bricks.  And here we have the winner.  The “designer” used the lego Digital Designer 2.0  to build this for the MacMod Challenge.

The mac features two computers.  One is a core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz and a Mac Mini Core Duo 1.66Ghz.

What is a little diappointing is that when you click through, you’ll see some more images of the case and setup.  On the exterior Apple logo hangs a little Lego Steve Jobs.  The sad part is that Steve is not included! :(  Click the image or here to read more about the lego case mod.

Why do I loves this so much????  It combinds two of my favorite things in the world.. Apple and Lego’s!!!  Now how can we fit Sex and Renee into this picture?!?!?