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Turtle in the Yard

I swear, we have the living kingdom in our backyard.  First is it a deer, then a bunch of squirrels and birds, a praying mantis then a raccoon and now a turtle?!?  I can only imaging what will show up next in the vastness of our backyard.  At least the turtle stuck around a bit for me to get some close up shots of him!

Up Close and Personal with a Praying Mantis

While Renee was out of town last week, I was home alone… But BUSY as hell, so it was good thing I was alone right?  I was in the backyard looking over a some things, getting some things planned out when a Praying Mantis scared the crap out of me.

This thing is as big as my thumb… and it scared me, pretty sad, I know.  After laughing at myself for a bit, I ran in side and grabbed the camera and had a photo shoot with a bug. Yes, a bug.  He took direction pretty well, but kept looking off camera, little bugger!

Turns out, I got a couple of good shots and here is my favorite. “You lookin’ at me?”

#55 & #57 Off the List

I have been meaning to write about this for a LONG TIME now.  I am happy to say that I can mark off two pretty big items off my Zero Day List.  As of April 19th, Renee and I purchased a house, our very first house!  It is a lovely little 3 bedroom, 1 bath Cape Code right outside of the beltway in Beacon Hill.  That means I am able to make off one HUGE item from the list, #55, buy a house!  I was also able to mark off # 57, buy a new bed!

Renee and I have done some major work on the house to make it our home, but there is still a bunch of things that we want to do.  As of right now, the house is very livable and we love it, especially the back yard! I plan on writing more about it in the near future, but here is a photo from the day we closed on the house.

Tall Ship in OT this Summer

Lego in a Different Sort of Use

I love lego.  There is just something so about the toy that I grew up with my whole life.  Lego truly make you think and express your building creativity.  Here is a look at lego in a totally different sort of use that I love!

Coffee Mugs for Me

UPDATE: I still like the first mug, but I did get a camera lens mug!

Are you still looking for Christmas present ideas for me?  If not, you SHOULD  be! I love me a good cup of coffee and what better way to accessorize it my showing off my creative side.  I wish I had links, but I don’t.  Be the best Google Sleuth you can be and find them! ;)

An Urban Home Design I Could Live In!

laidley_051109_010This could make for a really nice office separate from the house!!

See more photos here.

Flickr Find: Wall Calendar


Doing a little late night stumbling last night, I can across this great idea for a FULL sized wall Calendar.  I though it was quite unique.  While I don’t know how practical this would be for a daily calendar, it might be great for marketing or repeat events such as birthdays and so forth.  It gives a very quick and LARGE view of what is coming up.  Just might have to “implement” this sometime soon.

More Power Then You'll Ever Need


My only question is this…

Are each of those on their own 20amp breaker?

Some Interesting Business Card Designs