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The D-Lister, Kathy Griffin…LIVE

As most people know now, I turned 30 this year. I have moved past my 20’s and on into adulthood. I guess this means that I now have to grow up.  Maybe I should have a peter pan complex and spice things up!

For my 30th birthday, Renee got me tickets to see Kathty Griffin at DAR Constitution Hall last night.  I was all kinds of excited.  I must admit, I do love her Bravo reality show, My Life on the D List. I must also admit that before this show and for years prior,I was not a huge fan.  I was always basing her off of her performance on Seinfeld.  Not great, but funny and a little annoying.  But now I am a huge fan!

I downloaded a copy of her most recent CD, For Your Consideration, a spoof to get nominated for a Grammy Award to go along with her first Emmy award.  I thought that last night show would be that bit, For Your Consideration, but it wasn’t!  Of course she started in on politics and the debate since it was happening at the same time as her show.  Then she moved into her winning her second Emmy just a week or so ago.  She did throw a couple of things in from the CD, but still FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!

One of the things she mentioned during her show was her experience doing the Emmey’s awards with Don Rickles.  So of course, as soon as we got home, I YouTube it have have posted the video below! Over all, AWESOME show and I really loved it, what a great present, thanks Renee!