CV of Justin Lang

Time For Change

I have been playing with the layout of my personal blog for some time now.  When ever I had a bit of free time, which by the way is never, I would mess around with the layout.  I have been generally quite happy with the new design… overall.  I have been tweaking it, changing font, deciding how I want to things to show up.  for the past six months, the design hasn’t changed much.  I like it! It is my “presence” on the web. Sure, I have other sites that I work on day in and day out and post pretty regularly to.  But this is my home for everything I do… personally at least.

My Time as of late has been… well… limited.  I have spent countless hours on planes, trains and yes, automobiles.  I don’t want to begin to think of how many hours.  Lets just leave it at a lot. So time to push pixels and play with some css has been next to none. Better put, none period. Since I am fairly happy with the overall design of my personal CV site, I have decided to throw caution to the wind and change to the updated theme.  Yes, it may not be complete and “off” at points, but as most things in my life, it is in progress.

Feel free to tell me what you think, I like emails. Please understand though, it is still a work in progress and NOT UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Hate that term, so 1990’s.