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UBS Now Predicts an Ultra-Portable Mac

Now the good people over at UBS investments has now gotten in to the Mac rumors and prediction game. The people over at the appleinsider posted an article about how UBS is getting into the “prediction” game and mentioned that Apple is expected to announce or introduce a new Ultra Portable Mac notbeook in early 2009, maybe late 2008.  But UBS is almost positive that there will be a re design of the MacBook and MacBook Pro line. You can read the whole article from appleinsider here.

First, it sounds like UBS is reading the same exacte blogs/website that I am as just recently someone from twain posted images of an empty shell of the new aluminum MacBook.  That was an easy one to predict right there as these images are expected to be authentic.

Second, everyone is expecting an ultra portable Mac.  It’s what everyone wants, so why not add to the rumor mills and jump on that band wagon?!

Third, UBS is predicting that Apple’s share are going to sky rocket after the introduction of an Ultra Portable Mac… WELL DUH!!!  What do you think will happen, everyone is going to buy one!  Including me….maybe ;)