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VERY Short Stories and Illustrations

This afternoon I had a meeting with one of my co-workers from out of town, Tobin Neis. We spent a couple of hours going over some projects that are coming up as well as some logistics on other things.

While one of us was working on something, the other was checking websites and one of them was facebook to see what the other as doing or updates on friends and family.  This sparked Tobin to mention to me one of his Illustrative friends Josh Web and his website.

I was looking through some of his illustrations and fell in love with his style and his work.  Tobin pointed me over to a book that he made and published on

SIDE NOTE: Publishing on is on my 101 list, number 28

You can find the publication for a free download here.  It is a great book!  He basically took an idea from Ernest Hemingway and expanded on it with illustrations.  Well worth the download!  I was hoping to purchase a print copy through lulu, but it looks like it is not avilabe in print. :(