CV of Justin Lang

Welcome Back ??

Welcome to the new braindump of Justin.  It has finaly happened.  I have switched isquint to a new server that has a TON of better features.  The shitty part is that I have no lost everything form my first blog and my newer blog from only a year ago.  But this time we are looking final.  No more changing or anything like that.


I do hold the right to change the LAYOUT as I please as it is MY site.  So in the next month or too you may notice a new theam or tweaks or SOMETHING different about my blog.  Just keep this in mind, my designs are fluid as in like water and when spilled, get EVERYWHERE.  just and FYI.

So, why did I change servers and say hell to with my old server and junks like that?  I am consolidating debt.  Now I am not saying I am going poor or strapped for money or anything like that.  But why pay extra $200 a year for a server that SUCKED.  I now have all of my servers in one place, one bill and it still cheaper then my old server.  I beat your saying that was a smart move….no it was a sign of pure genius, be thankful I let you get a glimps!