CV of Justin Lang

Where have you been??!

So you have have been wondering, “where is Justin?”. Well, I have been on vacation in Upstate New York. Visiting and helping Renee’s mom with things around the house and of course, trying to take money from the indians at the casino. Today has to be the best day up here. The wind is blowing from the west and the temperature is about 71. You can bearly make out Toranto across the lake, but it there. There are some nice sail boats about a mile of the shore just messing around. MAN, that would be nice!

The vacation raps up heere shortly, but it has been worth it.  Getting out the NOVA is always a good thing.  Just so you think I have been relaxing to hard, I have some things to start up after I get back.  One of them is pretty cool idea I think.  So keep up!