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Which one indeed!

Which one which one…. It truly is a TOUGH decision!. What is a boy to do?

I plan on upgrading my good old faithful G4 PowerBook to a new apple intel computer.  But I am in a little bit of a bind trying to figure out which one to invest in.  So here I will go over some of my points…

Mac Pro – It is the fastest mac out there with 2 duo intel processors, can handle 4 hard drives, upgradable ram and extra PCI card ports.  So the system can grow if I need it to.  plus it is a desk top so I can upgrade to a larger display later. PLUS, it will force me to do my design work at the desk rather then on th couch while watching tv.  But then the negative is that I can be mobile with it.  What if I need to do something on the road???  I think it is at that point that I hope to be profitable and can afford an additional apple, macbook, macbook Pro or apple air.  Then I can sync the computers.

Macbook, Macbook Pro, Apple Air – MOBILE!!! that is the one top reasons.  but a huge negative is that none of them are really upgradable!  The oppsoing argument can be made that I get a laptop now and add on a desktop later after being profitable.

Help anyone???