CV of Justin Lang

Which One, XM or Sirius???

So I have XM radio in my VW.  I actually had a chance at the dealership when I bought the VW to get either sirius or XM staellite radio.  Well, for some reason I went with XM.  At that point when I bought the car, I really didn’t care which one was going in to it.  I was originally planning on never PAYING for radio.  Well two years went by and I was curious on our way up to Upstate NY.  So while in the car we signed up for a year of XM radio.  And I have to say, I LOVE IT.

BUT>>>>> WTF, I thought that there were no commercials on satellite radio?!??  Well, my favorite channel is 150, XM Comedy, it is the uncensored comedy channel.  Mainly it is stand up and ANYTHING goes.  But there are ALWAYS commercials!  Did I miss something??  It’s really no that big of a deal, but they are all mae enhancement drugs, sexual pleasure and so forth commercials, what the hell?????

One of the commercials I have been hearing lately is that Howard Stern is no on XM radio as well as the NFL.  But those are Sirius satellite programs?!??  Did XM and Sriuis combine or something?!  Don’t get me wrong, it is really nice, but what is going on?