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Wouldn't you know it!

Wouldn’t you know it!!! I just bought my new mac system with a 23″ cinema display and now there are rumors that apple is going to re-design and relsease a new version toward the beginning of new year.  The hot news about this is that the cinema displays would use LED technology for the backlights.  Which is all gret and everything.  It’s apart of apples whole going greener and so forth.

Although there was no mention of it, I am interested to hear if the new cinema displays will have an iSight integrated into them!!!  Since the 23″ cinema display that I got does not, I had to purchase a used iSight on ebay for about the same price as they orgianlly sold for.  So if apple does release the new displays with iSignt in them, it will bug me JUST A LITTLE BIT!!!!  But again, that is how apple gets you to buy more, by chanaging something and then re-releaseing it, hell, how many different designs have the iPod lines gone through?!?!?!?!

UPDATE: Here is TUAW posting about it