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Writers Block Revenge

Just a couple of suggestions I found from a stumble upon site.

Get your motor running — general ideas

  1. Write about something unusual you saw yesterday.
  2. Describe the first time you did something (ride a bike, do a cartwheel, etc.).
  3. Imagine how your parents met and write the story.
  4. Write about the worst date you ever had.
  5. Write about a beauty pageant without using stereotypes.
  6. Tell a story in the form of a love letter.
  7. Make up your own fairy tale (and be sure to start with “Once upon a time…”)
  8. Write in stream of consciousness.
  9. Summarize the plot of your favorite novel, movie, or TV show in your own words.
  10. Watch strangers and make up stories about what they’re doing.
  11. Read an obscure feature story in a small-town newspaper and write about the object of that feature.
  12. Write a letter to a friend.
  13. Describe the view from your window.
  14. Randomly select an object from the room you’re in and write about it. Include its physical description and any memories associated with the object.
  15. Write about the best date you ever had.
  16. Describe something you love to do.
  17. Imagine that the thing you fear most actually happens, and write it.
  18. What would your life be like if it were perfect?
  19. Write out the words to your favorite songs.
  20. Write about football.
  21. Write from the perspective of a two-year-old.
  22. Start a story about a dare.
  23. Write about the best vacation you ever took.
  24. Get in the mind of a pharmacist who hands out drugs to people with all sorts of wacky health problems.
  25. Write a story about a protagonist whom no one likes.