CV of Justin Lang

Snowpocalypse… WTF?!?

Photo By: William Couch

I can not believe it, people are actually calling the snow storm that the Eastern Seaboard had this past weekend a “Snowpocalypse“.  In this age of constant connections, social media and trend setting, is it really required of us to “create” a new word to describe something when the there is already a simple enough phrase to describe it? Why not call what happened what it really was, a snow storm.  It is that simple!

Of course it is the most snow that this area has seen in quite sometime, but honestly, does 21″ of snow require a name of Snowpocalypse?  It is just another way of showing that NOVA and the DC Metro area over react to any kind of foul weather. Want another expample?  On friday night, even before the snow storm began, A bunch of area school systems closed for Monday & Tuesday.  Yes, I do understand that safety should be the primary concern and roads may not be safe, but how can any one predict what those conditions will be like four days before hand?

Conclusion: Grow up DC, snow is nothing new and is easy to deal with when you react accordingly!