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Present Idea: DODOcase in Orange

It’s that time of year, everyone keeps asking me what I want for Christmas.  It’s any easy list, friends, family and love.


If you feel that you really need to get me something to show me some love, I don’t have a problem with that!

Here is a great idea, a DODOcase for my iPad.  I have quickly found that the case that I have, I do not like, but I still need to protect my iPad… and I want to do it in STYLE! It’s a really REALLY nice case!  Check it out and buy it from

I prefer the orange one please! ;) Now don’t forget, I have other things on my present list!

My Awesome Soccer Playing Niece – Olivia

Check out my seven year old niece Olivia.  She is quickly becoming a rock star at soccer!  Her team went 18-0 this season!!! On top of that, she made the league all star team!!! I am so proud of her. I have some other great photos of her scoring a goal and running the field like she owns it.

Congrats to the entire Annandale Thunder team, it takes a team to win, not just one person.

POTD # 3

Welcome… and WAIT

Just started this one.  Still needs a look which will come eventually.

Thanks for the inquiry though!

Snowpocalypse… WTF?!?

Photo By: William Couch

I can not believe it, people are actually calling the snow storm that the Eastern Seaboard had this past weekend a “Snowpocalypse“.  In this age of constant connections, social media and trend setting, is it really required of us to “create” a new word to describe something when the there is already a simple enough phrase to describe it? Why not call what happened what it really was, a snow storm.  It is that simple!

Of course it is the most snow that this area has seen in quite sometime, but honestly, does 21″ of snow require a name of Snowpocalypse?  It is just another way of showing that NOVA and the DC Metro area over react to any kind of foul weather. Want another expample?  On friday night, even before the snow storm began, A bunch of area school systems closed for Monday & Tuesday.  Yes, I do understand that safety should be the primary concern and roads may not be safe, but how can any one predict what those conditions will be like four days before hand?

Conclusion: Grow up DC, snow is nothing new and is easy to deal with when you react accordingly!

Apple Meets Fashion


Talk about recycling!  I’ll have to look around my old apple things to see if I can make this!

Man Card Revoked


We had an issue in the office today where one of our co-workers had to tunr in their man card.  Feel free to use this as you wish!  Found it through google images… have to love the internet, you can find anything on their!

All Kinds of Excited!!1

So things seem to be working over at my other blog, my PROFESSIONAL blog if you will,  As you may remember, was the original home for a couple of years for this, my personal blog.  I have always wanted to do something special with it and I finally put two and two together and got five…. Bad Joke.  Actually, it is pretty much the same thing it has always been, a blog.  It’s just to focus of the blog that changed!

The story goes like this.  I love my job, if only for the fact that I get to see ALL kinds of new stuff before it is released or I get a demo of it because the manufacturers want us to sell it.  Since I get to see all these great things, why not put that knowledge to some good use and get the word out on it?  There really is not a definitive site that announces all the entrainment lighting equipment out there.  Of course there are some, but the focus on the big picture, sound, video, production supplies and stuff like that.  So isquint will be geared towards the theatre and entertainment lighting products and services.

What I am all kinds of excited about is the fact that I have been doing some announcements about some of the newer products that have been announced recently and I contacted the manufacturers that make them and they have been really receptive about getting me a demo units to do these reviews.  What I am relly excited about is that one of my favorite programs for the industry is about to be updated and the developer has agreed to send me out a demo version when beta becomes available.  How awesome is that??!?!

So look for exciting new lighting products to be announced and reviewed over at


Yes, it has happened again, I have not written here in 13 days and I MUST BE SHOT!  I have been pretty active over on my lighting blog,, getting it ready for LDI.  If you have an interest in Entertainment lighting, you should really check it out.

I have some good post that I want to put up and will very soon so keep posted.  And yes, I am sorry for leaving you high and dry for so long.  I am a lousy blogger some days!

Intel Shows off possiable MacBook Air's new processor

The boys over at MacRumors posted something today about Intel showing off a new processor that just might end up in the MacBook Air.  How exciting is that?!?!?  I truly doubt that this will happen by this rumored September update, but ut is still exciting.

But this is interesting…..

Both the SL9400 (1.8GHz) and the SL9300 (1.6GHz) use a 1066MHz FSB and carry 6MB of L2 cache. Intel is also introducing a pair of 10W processors: the SU9400 (1.4GHz) and SU9300 (1.2GHz). Both of these chips run on an 800MHz FSB and carry 3MB of L2 cache.

So does this mean that there “technically” no speed bump since the processors are equal or LESS THEN the current processors?!?!!  This is my lack on knowledge in this area.  I guess thtat the new front bus speed bumping up from 800MHz to 1066MHZ is awesome….?