CV of Justin Lang

Photo Hunt: Bridges

I have been given the task of hunting down and taking photos of bridges for my mother-in-law.  Call it a photo hunt if you will.  Talk about a fun project!  I have certain parameters that I need to meet in the type of bridges such as truss bridges, similar to the golden gate bridge and the image above.  If you know of any bridges in the DC metro area, let me know, we can have a photo shoot someday!

Wedding of Jenn & Ryan Stienbiser

I just added some of my favorite photos to my design site, Justin Lang Design, that I took while at a friends wedding last week.  Yes, I broke the rule of shooting a friends wedding while being a guest, but I enjoy doing it! I of course was not the photographer for the wedding, but I still had a fun time doing it.

Congrats once again to the happy couple!

Easter E-Mailer

Barbizon Easter EmailerI got tasked this today to come up with an email marketing piece for my local office to remind our church customers that we have things available for their last minute purchase for Easter.  My original idea when i was told to do this was to start with Easter eggs or something like that.  But I began to think about what is this thing going to be… a reminder.  And honestly, how does eggs working into lighting?!?!?  Doesn’t show a damn thing we sell or do.

So I put together an “Easter basket” filled with lighting equipment.  If you look closely, you’ll see an Easter surprise! PEEP PEEP!

But what is interesting about the design was the subliminal message in the basket.  First, I had no idea that I was doing it, but one of my religious co-workers noticed that I had put in a cross.  It is actually a lighting tool.  Happy little surprise.

Over all I think the design is clean and simple.  Gets the point across and keeps the company name out there.

It's Offical: New Design Gone Live


We kids, it is official, a new site design that I have been working on for the past month has gone live with it’s first posting. The Owner of the site is a friend and co-worker of mine through Barbizon in New England. He is starting to write for Live Design and his first article this month is the importance of a good web presence.

The goal of the site is to show off his lighting design work and writing skills. We utilized WordPress as the content manager as it is simple to use and easy to integrate new plug-in’s and upgrade.

This theme is not for sale and is the property of Zoll Design. If you like what you see, please feel free to contact me through my design firm, Justin Lang Design,

Visit the completed site at

Zoll Design – Sneak Peak

zoll_design-sneakpeak.jpgSomething that I have been working on is a re-design of a co-workers website. While the concept has been approved, we are now in the stage of transferring the design to HTML. The site will go live by the end of the month.

While I really can’t say or show much at this time, I did want to provide a sneak peak at what I am up to. This design has actually gotten the creative juices flowing and made me think about my own sites and how they need a re-freshing.

So, in the next couple of weeks, after this project is done. Look for a new design to come around for not only chimpwalk, but also my professional site!

More Photos Around OT


So Renee got me out of the house again yesterday when I had sooo much to do. So if you are reading this and you didn’t get your proof yesterday, I blame Renee!!! ;) It was good to get out of the house. THe weather was around 60 degrees and Sunny as hell! The water front was quite busy!

On these walks, I have been taking my new D80 Camera. And yesterday on our hour and a half walk, I took about 200 photos. I have crunch the ones I like and have uploaded them to our photo gallery, Take a look!

New Bloggin Tool: Ecto

ecto.png A Co-worker of mine sent me a link with a listing of the top 10 things to do in order to have a successful blog. On that listing was a tool to help bloggin, Ecto by illuminex. The beauty behind this little program is that you can write post off line and publish them to the site late. Thus negating the need for internet connection to write blog post.

As most of my readers of chimpwalk know, I write to a few blogs around the net. What is an added feature that I am already loving about this program is that I can quickly and easily start writting on another blog with out having to log into another site or program. It handles all of my blogs in one place.

If you write for your own personal blog or company blog, check Ecto out. It just might be worth the $20 fee!

Rebranding of

My lat post mentioned that I am working on rebranding our wedding website.  Well, I am pleased to say that I am 75% there!  I have only been working on the main page for the time being, but that is where most of the info is held.  I expect to have the site rebranded by the end of the week.  Then having a soft opening after that, then the grand OPENING on Jan 1.

So I may need some testers, anyone interested???

Sneak Peak: Redesign of

Here is a sneak Peak at the redesign of our wedding website,  While I liked the first design, Renee has asked that it be redesigned to look more like out invitations and colors for the wedding.

So, working off a sketch, here is the first look that I can up with.  There is still some work to do, like coding it for wordpress and maybe some changes to the layout.  I wanted everyone to know that YES, I am working on it.

Black Friday is a great day to to this by the way!

Scrooge Opens Thuresday Night at LTA

I have been working on a lighting design for The Little Theatre of Alexandria’s production of Scrooge, The Musical.  We had a really good run through last night.  Tonight is sponsor night and the the show opens Friday night.  I took a quick shot of the set with the iPhone to give a sneak peak.  Once I get some of the production shots, I’ll make sure to post them.  Click the image to get your tickets now.  The show is selling out quick!