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LTA and Getting SCROOGED

Spent another LONG day at the theatre last night working on the lights for Scrooge, The Musical.  I still have a ways to go before I call it done.  But it MUCT be ready for opening night on Thuresday this week.  So if you can’t find me, you’ll know why.

I have to do ALL my work in the dark now and have to wait for the stage to be clear with no people.  And of course that is only after the run through or during the day, which is when I am at work…. SO…evenings it is!

All Kinds of Excited!!1

So things seem to be working over at my other blog, my PROFESSIONAL blog if you will,  As you may remember, was the original home for a couple of years for this, my personal blog.  I have always wanted to do something special with it and I finally put two and two together and got five…. Bad Joke.  Actually, it is pretty much the same thing it has always been, a blog.  It’s just to focus of the blog that changed!

The story goes like this.  I love my job, if only for the fact that I get to see ALL kinds of new stuff before it is released or I get a demo of it because the manufacturers want us to sell it.  Since I get to see all these great things, why not put that knowledge to some good use and get the word out on it?  There really is not a definitive site that announces all the entrainment lighting equipment out there.  Of course there are some, but the focus on the big picture, sound, video, production supplies and stuff like that.  So isquint will be geared towards the theatre and entertainment lighting products and services.

What I am all kinds of excited about is the fact that I have been doing some announcements about some of the newer products that have been announced recently and I contacted the manufacturers that make them and they have been really receptive about getting me a demo units to do these reviews.  What I am relly excited about is that one of my favorite programs for the industry is about to be updated and the developer has agreed to send me out a demo version when beta becomes available.  How awesome is that??!?!

So look for exciting new lighting products to be announced and reviewed over at

New Barbizon Online Ad's

I just finished another set of online ad’s for Barbizon National.  These are going up on  There is a third one, but I don’t want to add it to this post, maybe next time.

Nothing to fancy about these two though.  I do like the light beams on the bottom one.  I may come back to this one and get the beams to “sweap” across the ad!  Give it some real dimension!

LDI 2008 Show Announcement DonE!

When it rains, it pours!
Just the other day I was saying that Barbizon design work has slowed down some. I actually have time to do things that I want to at night!

Well, I think I spoke to soon.  As soon as I go out of town for 2 days last week, I get him with 4 quick projects that needed to be complete by today.

This one pictured is the LDI show announcement and invite for Barbizon Lighting Company.  Pretty basic stuff.  All of the invites are looking the same these days for consistencies sake.